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EV Code Signing Certificate for sale

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  • EV Code Signing Certificate for sale

    Service and Cost

    • EV Code Signing Certificate - $ 2450 (production time 1-2 weeks)

    * 50 $ discount per review
    * EV certificates require a physical USB token.

    USB tokens for EV certificate:
    SafeNet eToken 5100
    SafeNet eToken 5105
    SafeNet eToken 5110
    SafeNet eToken 5200
    SafeNet eToken 5205
    SafeNet eToken Pro 72K

    (Registration of code signing certificates for a specific company name is possible, conditions are discussed individually.)

    Telegram: @SamCodeSign
    (send a nickname message to your Favorites and follow this link. So you can avoid clones)

    We will be glad to cooperation!
    Why certificates are needed:
    Code Signing is a specialized digital certificate with which you can sign software, various scripts, applications, macros, etc., so that there are no problems with copyright.
    - for x86 / x64 executable files (.exe, .cab, .dll, .msi)
    - for drivers, incl. for Windows 10- for VBA macros and JavaScript scripts
    - EV SSL certificates for the domain giving the Green Bar in the browser

    All certificates:
    - allow you to sign an unlimited number of files
    - cross-platform
    - validity period - 1 year

    Why sign the code?

    - in order to avoid UAC red and yellow alerts
    - instant confirmation of a reputation by the Microsoft SmartScreen filter
    - signed software arouses more trust among the user, which significantly increases conversion
    - to start a service or driver for Windows 10 *
    - to bypass filters of some antiviruses that block the launch of any unsigned software

    Advantages of EV Code Signing certificates
    - instant SmartScreen filter bypass that does not require a reputation set
    - significantly higher trust from antiviruses compared to a regular certificate
    - an EV certificate is required if you intend to sign drivers for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
    - storage for secure media, which eliminates the interception of a certificate by attackers
    - higher "survivability" compared to conventional certificates