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Linken Sphere - antidetect browser of new generation

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  • News Linken Sphere - antidetect browser of new generation

    Friends, as we know, there are a variety of tasks that require you to quickly switch between a large number of accounts (including social networks), and at the same time, the departure from fingerprinting and other tracking mechanisms is critical.

    The Linken Sphere browser, which we will talk about, is just one of these solutions.

    The standard way to provide yourself with a lot of "personalities" is to accumulate more virtual machines and make the necessary changes in them. Usually you have to do this manually, which is quite tiring. Multi-threaded browser Linken Sphere does all this work unnecessary and allows you to be in the most diverse places at the same time, and also nullifies all attempts of anti-fraud systems to catch you and prevent you from switching freely between accounts.

    How is this solution different from other similar tools? Linken Sphere is based on Chromium and developed by a group of our experts in the field of information security. The work is carried out directly with the source code of the engine, which allows you to completely get rid of the spy code Google - developers of "boxed" products do not usually do this. We do not just integrate extensions into the finished browser, but change its source code. Among other things, it provides additional flexibility and access to any functions.

    Main advantages:
    • The browser works in OTR mode, which makes it the safest. There are absolutely no traces of actions on your computer that will not allow even accidentally accessing malicious programs on the machine to access information.
    • The browser is deprived of any hidden connections to Google services, which can not be achieved without changing its source code.
    • The browser encrypts all stored information using the AES-256 encryption standard. All data that is transferred for storage to the server, are only encrypted fragments of hashes that can only be read under your account.
    • The browser from the box is equipped with everything necessary for working with network connections: HTTP, Socks, SSH, TOR, TOR + SSH, Dynamic Socks.
    • The browser allows you to simultaneously work with different types of connections in a multithreaded mode.
    • The browser contains a built-in professional anti-detection that is regularly updated and allows you to use all kinds of user configurations, screen resolutions, language, time, geo-location and real-device snapshots, changing them on the fly.
    • The browser stores prints and cookies for each of the sessions, allowing you to work from one place with hundreds of "personalities" without having to constantly switch between virtual machines.
    • The browser contains a locally built license database GeoIP2 MaxMind, which allows you to configure the time and location of the session in just a few clicks.
    • The browser has cloud-synchronized sessions, that is, sessions are easy to transfer between team members.

    The browser contains built-in intelligent tools that allow you to "warm up" sites in an automatic mode ("Heater"). As you know, when farming, there is a need to receive cookies before working with the account in order to reduce the likelihood that the fake user will be identified as a robot. The browser allows you to automate the process of transition between sites in order to collect such data, and does it in the background multithreaded mode. You can independently configure the necessary for visiting pages, the depth of view and the time of staying on the site. In addition, it is possible to set up a timer so that this mechanism is worked out exactly at that time when it is necessary.

    What can I customize? Yes, almost everything that can be needed, and even more. On the browser's website there is a large open documentation for the product, which describes all the features and settings. In short, for each individual session, you can configure or uniquely configure the following parameters, which the antifrood system looks at:
    • Canvas. This is an HTML5 element intended for displaying graphics, which is widely used to identify users by the characteristics of their video system.
    • Fonts. Another channel for determining the user is the fonts installed in the system.
    • Plugins. Plug-ins installed in the browser also act as a component of the overall print, because this parameter is quite individual.
    • Audiofingerprint. A relatively new technology that allows you to identify a computer on its audio system: a small audio file is played in the background, and the oscillogram is taken off.
    • WebGL. This is a browser-based implementation of OpenGL, designed to work with three-dimensional graphics in the browser. Anti-fraud systems also successfully use it to assign fingerprints.
    • Geolocation. Determine the location of the user. This parameter can be used in performing sensitive operations: the antifrood may want to make sure that the physical address is the same as that determined by IP.
    • ClientRects. Identification method based on obtaining hashes when scaling an image.
    • Ubercookies. Another imprint is a hash from ClientRects and Audiofingerprint and makes it possible to identify the device with a high degree of probability.
    • WebRTC (including hash devices). The technology that is used to connect the computer directly to media servers and allows you to get a real IP bypassing the means of anonymizing the network address (including the proxy and VPN). The microphones and cameras installed on the computer also have their own identifiers that need to be changed.
    • CSS (resolution). One way to determine the actual resolution of a window using CSS technology.
    • Touch Emulation (allows you to emulate the touchscreen without showing the mouse). Even if you forge the User Agent field so that the browser is defined as a mobile device, the anti-fraud system can still identify it on other grounds. In particular, it is very important to make sure that the mouse cursor is not displayed.
    • JS Navigator (including time, language and resolution). These are all basic browser settings that are transmitted along with basic information about the program used.
    • HTTP Headers. Browser headers are one of the main parameters by means of which the initial "acquaintance" of the site with the browser occurs. And of course, they are included in the set of prints.
    • DNS (the ability to use your own DNS for each session). It is used to obtain the network address of the computer by the host name and in some cases requires special addresses.
    • Local IP. As a rule, the local address is quite a unique value, albeit in a narrow range. It is important to be able to change this value when working with a large number of accounts.

    Work with sessions:

    Sessions can be called by their own names, they can be assigned color for better navigation, copy, transfer, clean - in general, do everything you need to work with them not only on one computer, but on as many machines as you need. Linken Sphere does not tie to the hardware in any way, and any types of installers are available for download. So you can safely have a browser on different machines with different operating systems, working in turn with one login and password. In addition, thanks to the cloud, you do not even have to physically transfer anything - just start the browser on any machine with your login and password to access all the profiles used.

    The main parameters of the browser are configured either manually (for those who have a strong skill and a lot of time), or when choosing embedded or purchased copies of real devices. The browser contains about 50,000 built-in free samples, but for certain tasks, the best option is to purchase the configs in the configshop. It is available for licenses from six months (PRO and PREMIUM). The purchase procedure is simple, plus there are filters for the browser and OS. Bought impression is automatically downloaded directly to the browser.

    As already mentioned, each session can have its own output to the network. The browser supports several common operating modes:
    • No proxy - use of the main Internet channel;
    • Tor - use the Tor network to connect;
    • SSH - implies the use of SSH tunnels;
    • Tor + SSH - a combination of "Tor + tunnel";
    • HTTP - HTTPS-proxy;
    • Dynamic socks - dynamic proxy;
    • Socks - Proxy Socks5.

    Also in the browser there is an artificial drain WebRTC, which allows you to keep it on when you work, but do not shine a real IP. Plus, it is possible to proxy the connection to the browser using the familiar Proxifier + Bitvise / Plink.

    Another interesting feature is emulation of the touchscreen and gyroscope (it helps to simulate mobile devices), emulation of manual input when copying text and automatic "brodilka", which can visit the necessary sites in the background. By the way, it is being significantly modified from version to version and has gradually become a very useful tool.

    So, replenished the balance, paid the tariff - download the program. Options are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. There is also a portable version. After installing the program, you must enter the login and password specified during registration on the site. Now everything is ready, go!

    By default, during startup and authorization, the program uses the Tor network to enter the server, so that the real IP of the user is not exposed. This function can be disabled if desired, then connection to the server for license verification will be established using a native connection.

    After starting the program, you will see a normal browser with the address bar. It differs from Linken Sphere only one important button - it will start the next work: “Setup session provider”. After clicking on it, we get to the "session" setup menu.

    A session is, in fact, a browser in a browser - with its system settings, headers, prints and cookies. That is, in one program you can store a huge number of accounts, each of which will go to the network with different data. Thanks to the support of multi-threading, you can work with many such accounts at once, which is incredibly convenient.

    Linken Sphere is an interesting all-in-one solution that can really ease a lot of routine tasks. Of course, the browser itself can not be a panacea for possible problems in work, but in skillful hands it will be very useful. We openly communicate with our audience and in case of which we can help with advice. The program is developing rapidly, and you can meet a lot of positive feedback on the forums, including foreign ones.

    Summarizing the above, we can safely recommend the browser to those who value their time and are willing to pay money for improving the efficiency of their work. If you are interested in our development and you would like to learn something else, then please look through the documentation or put your question in groups Telegram @spherechateng, @spherechatflood and subscribe to the news channel @devtenebriseng.

    24/7 Support
    Customer Reviews: 2,7K+ Telegram Group Subscribers
    Cost: only $100/month ($500/6 months + configshop, $900/12 months + configshop + priority service)

    Telegram: @Gor510

    Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_F764C79R1M8V (at registration)
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  • #2
    We want to bring to your attention our new development, which, we hope, will significantly change the capabilities of each user who worries about their safety. As you may know, the modern Internet is a completely transparent structure in which all your actions and steps can be investigated and used against you.

    Anonymously. Safely. Absolutely free.

    Our mission is to allow all wishing people to get anonymous, safe and comfortable surfing on the network - this product is completely free.
    What is Sphere?

    This is a completely free solution provided to run in Portable format. The program is completely devoid of third-party connections to developer's servers, it can be started using encrypted disks or virtual machines.

    How it works?

    Sphere is a browser written with the help of Chromium sources with completely disabled tracking tools, which allows you to completely change the identity on the Internet in one click, getting protection from removing the most important and significant prints.
    In addition, the browser uses a multi-thread proxy, which allows to work with different types of connections simultaneously (TOR, Socks, SSH, Tor + SSH). This indicates that you can use any of the required types of connections to ensure maximum anonymity.

    What are personalities?

    The new identity is an anonymous and unique configuration of the user on the Internet that cannot be associated with any other Web user. In order to achieve full anonymity, the browser generates and modifies the following parameters in a random way:

    - Applies the title of a popular and up-to-date browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE)
    - Replaces popular prints: Canvas, Fonts, Audiofingerprint, ClientRects, Plugins
    - Disables the ability to identify using WebGL
    - Closes the leakage of real IP via WebRTC
    - Disallows the definition of Geolocation

    What is it for?

    Thanks to Sphere, you no longer need to perform a huge amount of actions related to setting up the system to ensure your own security on the network - just download a free program and get started.
    We dream of a free Internet, in which everyone has the right to vote without fear for their own safety. We make every effort to ensure that you get a comfortable, safe and understandable browser for daily use.

    We invite you to try the new program:

    All questions and wishes for developers you can ask in this topic, which is the main topic for discussion of the program, or in telegram chat:

    Sphere Browser Review:

    If you wish, you can always purchase a paid version of Linken Sphere. You just need to register with the promo code: LS_F764C79R1M8V, followed by a 5% discount on the subscription.

    We remind you that in case of questions or requests we are always glad to hear from you on the following contacts:

    Telegram: @Gor510
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      Greetings, friends!

      We want to bring to your attention the update Linken Sphere v7.8 Infinia. In this update, based on requests and user requests, we performed a number of important improvements, which allowed us to improve the usability, stability and quality of the browser. We hope that the work done will be to your liking and make interaction with the program more convenient, and work - productive.

      When working with weak computers or remote servers, users could run into the lack of resources to use the built-in graphics engine SphereGL (its own customizable WebGL counterpart), which made it impossible to work with a large number of tabs and could lead to the termination of the browser. To work with many sites, there is still an older version of WebGL without the ability to directly draw the image, while the old engine type significantly reduces the resources spent, which allows you to work with a large number of tabs regardless of the performance of the computer.

      Now you can choose which type of WebGL fingerprinting you want to use - with image rendering and closest proximity to the real user, or a simpler and older version without rendering, but with better performance:

      Browsers are updated. If you work with the account for a long time using a certain configuration, its UserAgent can become irrelevant and there is a demand for updating from the service to a more recent version of the browser that is typical of an ordinary user. Previously, when changing the agent in the configuration settings, there were a number of related changes that did not allow you to make changes to the line with the retention of other attributes.

      Now you can change the value of UserAgent as necessary, without affecting other configuration parameters. In this way, you can update the version of the browser title as necessary, without causing suspicion:

      A large number of users who regularly work on the Web to speed up the work of using hotkeys. We've heard quite a few requests to implement and organize hotkeys into the browser. Despite the apparent simplicity of this solution, the features of the engine and the development process made this task sufficiently resource-intensive for the developer. Nevertheless, we have made the necessary efforts to ensure that the process of working with most of the basic functions is faster and more enjoyable.

      Now you have a number of hot keys duplicated in the shortcut menu:

      For users who work with a large number of accounts and saved sessions, it is important to quickly return to work after the next browser opening. Opening a large number of sessions in turn significantly slowed the continuation of the work after the opening of the program and was quite inconvenient. We reviewed the need for more comfortable interaction with the session manager to improve usability.

      Now you can open the required sessions in bulk, marking with the junks in Session manager -> open selected (open in turn, similar to open closed tabs after restart):

      The emergence of the left optional menu for quick access to active sessions in an isolated working environment for each of their tabs was undoubtedly enjoyed by most users. But we perfectly understand that we, as developers, always have something to strive for to further improve the quality of the product, so we, as promised, continue to refine the menu in order to make working with it even more comfortable.

      Now you can organize the sessions that are there by the simple and comfortable method of drug'n'drop - just pull the necessary session wherever you would like it to be:

      Also, a new interesting detective was traversed, based on creating a hidden window with the clientWidth / Height matching with innerWidth / Height. This type of definition of browser spoofing already occurs on a number of sites that specialize in the sale of digital goods and is likely to be further distributed in security systems.

      This update should be installed by downloading the installer for your OS from our site.

      We recommend reading the information on the site, the sections Documentation and FAQ, and also added to the telegram groups @spherechateng, @spherechatflood and subscribe to the news channel @devtenebriseng.

      And, as usual, you can get a one-week test for $30 US when registering here with the promo code LS_F764C79R1M8V, followed by a 5% discount for a subsequent subscription.

      Telegram: @Gor510
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      • #4
        Friends, we strongly recommend getting an update to the version 7.81!

        In this version there are a number of changes related to the correct operation of cookies, which was required due to international innovations in the approach to the privacy policy on the Web and related changes in the technical implementation of their records.

        Changes made in this version will significantly improve the stability of the browser with purchased and downloaded cookies when working with a variety of resources.

        Attention! In this version on the Mac is not laid out the installer, but the file to run. If there is an installed version - do not delete, but replace the file in the folder with the program. Those who put the first time - you can just run the file you get from the archive.

        In case of questions or wishes, we are always glad to hear from you on the following contacts:

        Telegram: @Gor510


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          Greetings, friends!

          We recommend getting an update to all users using the free version of the browser The Sphere to version 1.1

          Short Changer:

          - updated TOR to version
          - Fixed bug with mass deleting cookies
          - Added changes to cookies in connection with amendments to euro legislation
          - Added hotkeys in the tools menu
          - installed its own fake detector as anonymity checker by default

          To obtain the updated version, you must download it from the official website:

          We recommend that you join the telegram of the users of The Sphere to receive prompt replies from the developer: @thesphere

          We wish you safe and anonymous surfing!


          • #6
            Friends, we would like to please you with the long-awaited release, and not one, but two at once. We have long emphasized the importance of choosing the optimal working environment for each user, but due to huge changes in quality and capabilities between the 6th and 7th line, the output of these updates was constantly delayed, which led users to use outdated versions.

            We are always very attentive to your requests and wishes, therefore we have done a great job for all people who prefer an alternative to Windows and MacOS.

            Meet - The Sphere 1.1 and Linken Sphere 7.81 (beta) for Linux!

            We have done our best to preserve the enormous capabilities of the programs and to achieve their high-quality work on the following systems:

            - Ubuntu
            - Linux Mint
            - Kali Linux
            - Gentoo (Calculate Linux)
            - Fedora
            - Debian
            - OpenSUSE
            - Slackware
            - Mageia
            - PCLinux
            - Kubuntu

            Sincerely we thank all users who took part in the early testing of published versions! Despite stability and positive results in real work, we save Beta status of Linken Sphere for Linux with the goal of 100% making sure of the same quality work of all available functions of the program, as is the case with other systems.

            In case of problems, questions or requests, we are always glad to hear from you on the indicated contacts:

            Telegram: @Gor510

            We wish you pleasant, successful and high-quality work!